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25 October 2010 by Bill CaraBookmark and Share

[9: 15 a.m. ET]This is the beginning of my writing for the weekly chronic Nasdaq. Ma community will have three parts: (I) summary of my week in review published Cara, society (ii) THE NASDAQ 100 portfolio and the people’s Republic of China (iii) the NASDAQ-listed and Hong Kong stock portfolio.

NASDAQ has an extensive range of tools to portfolio management, which I want to use and discuter. Au over time, I will discuss my decision models. Even if these are exclusive, is the bottom line, you can develop a relatively similar advanced tool and I are here to help.

In my case, there are two algorithms to model. one to buy and one for the wait. ils based on fundamental and technical criteria. Object of the exercise is reached satisfactory portfolio gains every year, while the charges are evil necessary because there is no absolute market capital.our approach to trading must partially science and part art.

The bottom line is, frankly, the bottom line. these portfolios will be profitable, or that they will not.No hype or paraître. Nous either perform or elsewhere.

As I felt well this weekend I will slow down in the first article to the Nasdaq community site, but I want to give all of us here original portfolio.Next week, I will begin to explain the model, and how I intend to manage risques. Je will also make some write-ups of some of these companies, explains why they made the cut.

Here, the Office of departure the NASDAQ and not Chinese HK portfolio ‘ in mind., this is a long-term process; I am not a day trade, is trying to scalp hair fractions.


Here are the NASDAQ-100 start portfolio. therein, as you know, Apple (AAPL) represents approximately 21% weighting index, so if the portfolio will keep the AAPL when AAPL collection mode as it was then not was invent portfolio presents the index when any case, I am not a day of the trade, but an attempt to manage risk, which is my first priority, and generate profits.


Each portfolio total $ 100,000 Institute is fully investi. Dancing in the next few weeks, will cover with the inverse of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in the amount of money, which I consider it necessary for the appropriate risk management. it will be also be seller in the week, as defined by my models, based on technical indicators is often used for trend and cycle becomes ‘ purchase of new will take place on Friday at market prices closely and communicated to you and Monday morning at about 7 p.m. A. Le salesperson will be announced via Twitter, and also on the Web site If the sells portfolio.

As usual, I try to educate and inform instead of divertir. WYSIWYG.


If you want to write private, I can be reached at

Finally, I apologise for the errors that you see on these pages. Nous splash continue to have problems with the Web site the system Web of Drupal, but we finally overcome.

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