Directors receive a boost to CA Inc.

We were told, but it bears repeating: when it comes to part-time sat on a Committee company-in particular a large listed companies time-formerly hard beat .CA Inc. (CA), Computer Associates company, only the administrators came costs up to a cool $ 100,000 years or 57% up to $ 275,000, in accordance with this exhibition on the 10-Q-4: 32 h Friday. Given 10 times last year, the Council has met (such as in 2009) is an additional $ 10,000 per session. Admittedly, it is a filmmaker is harder than it uses, but things in perspective,: after only two sessions, each Director CA more average household U.S. income .at is earned at the same time, the company has additional fellowship President of the Council after under $ 100,000 to $ 175,000 aggravated. Then say that more tightly counts as the little belt strapped. That would be a good thing because operating profit of the same quarter a year dropped, and since the last quarter), and remains largely stagnant .that says, CA not highest paid Directors: we have just before each rises more than $ 200,000 per year or less, according to the recent proxy company earned. On the other hand also Friday, Bally Technologies (BYI) filed its proxy list total administration of the compensation of the 325 000 $ 445,000 each. Image source: NASDAQ

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