Look elegant Gymboree acquisition …

With dressing children incredibly cute, cute clothing is also large companies, such as the agreement investments private firm Bain Capital 65.40 Gymboree (GYMB) $ per share to buy used. The 1.8 billion offer includes a premium of approximately 22% of the Gymboree closing price the day before the agreement a premium announced. Offering, of course, is intended to convince you get a good deal in exchange for your shares investors. (As always, we’ll let the analysts find, if you or not.) But we see in Gymboree, October 25, annex 14 D 9, which seems to be attractive for the submission of the State if we consider that the inventory held by managers and directors of 22 October, society Leaders offer and Gymboree. if its leaders and administrators all his actions 250,953 soft, “get $ 16,412,326 cash.” But the number of contained not your RSUS and options that you will be reimbursed, regardless of the interest or the option to buy of rights acquired, thanks to an acceleration of the merger will, Agreement clause. Gymboree President and CEO, Matthew McCauley, the biggest profit if the transaction goes through. Deductible RSUS acquired according to article 5 of the stock options granted presentation McCauley and stocks limited to $26,321 102 negotiations. When he then ends after the change in control, McCauley receives $12,151 677 initially, a sum of money to pay for the premiums of the Cobra health insurance that could add top a profit of $ 34.5 million. (Cash release is less than just add options and shares limited to pay). (Although it is not clear why the presentation does not include any payment options in the table of Gymboree severance payment.)Other neo received separate amounts, rich between almost almost 13.5 million dollar $ 1 million when you preview your work; When you’re ready to take on the merger, payments are, however, rich of 1.74 USD $ 19.6 million per executive. The leads, now every verification of receipt, ranging from interests in company Thus between 850,200 $1,803 5,560,774 to your property if business projection by “date”-23 administrators and leaders of society most as usual, november is count your blessings (and active) as Thanksgiving about two days later. Image, source: Gymboree

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