Lira On Chile’s Triumph, America’s Exhaustion

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Submitted by Gonzalo Lira

Chile’s Triumph, America’s Exhaustion

In Chile, the collective mood is one of hard-earned triumph, after the successful rescue of the 33 miners.

There was of course joy and jubilation when the miners were pulled out after their two-month ordeal underground. I wasn’t watching the news at the time, but I knew the precise moment when the first miner was pulled out alive: Passing cars started loudly honking their horns—Tat–tat–ta-ta-tat!! Tat–tat–ta-ta-tat!! Tat–tat–ta-ta-tat!!
But in the nearly two weeks since the rescue, there has been a collective afterglow in Chile: Everyone feels happy. Everyone feels confident. Everyone feels as if any and every problem—no matter how big—can be taken in hand, and solved successfully.
There is none of that feeling in the United States.

Americans were glued to their television sets, watching the rescue of the Chilean miners. It was all day, every day—24/7 coverage that got to be a little tedious. But Americans couldn’t seem to get enough of it—on and on and on, the coverage never seemed to stop.
A few Chileans—a small but not insignificant minority—got irritated by the American television coverage: They got irritated by a certain American attitude they sensed in the coverage—an American arrogance.
“It’s like these gringos think that they saved the miners,” a close friend of mine told me here in Santiago. “Like us poor little Chileans couldn’t have rescued the miners on our own—as if we needed the gringos to do it. But we didn’t need the gringos. It was Chilean workers, Chilean engineers, Chilean plans that made the rescue happen—not the gringos.”
“Yeah,” said another friend. “What did the gringos bring, aside from television crews and talking heads? Gringos never respect anyone else’s achievements—they always try to make it about themselves.”
This wasn’t the prevalent thinking in Chile—but it wasn’t an insignificant minority, either. And I couldn’t refute my friends, because they were right—
—but at the same time, I could understand why Americans wanted to latch on to this amazing story:
Americans just want to feel a little bit of triumph, a little bit of joy.
The problem with Americans isn’t that they’re trying to hog the credit: It’s that Americans feel as if their country is a failure—they just want to share in a little bit of that wonderful feeling.
The glow that comes after an undisputed success.
The United States hasn’t felt success in a long, long time—at least a decade. Ever since 9/11, Americans have been living in a state of constant panic—constant fear—an irrational fear egged on by the leadership classes.
This constant state of panic has led Americans to create a police-state, where the police is there not to serve the citizenry, but to keep them in line.
This constant state of panic has led Americans into two pointless, endless wars, where “victory” is impossible—because there’s nothing to be won.
This constant state of panic has led Americans to be afraid of anything and everything—no matter how trivial and innocuous—and turned the American people into a timid, docile, frightened lot.
This constant state of panic has exhausted America.
First 9/11 and the pointless, endless Global War On Terror. Then the Global Financial Crisis in 2008—then more financial bad news—unemployment—downsizing—then another financial crisis with the Mortgage Mess: Constant never-ending crises! Never a moment’s rest!
And throughout these crises, throughout these years of wailing sirens and flashing red lights, there’s the sense—inarticulate, but ever-present—that the American people are being played for fools:
Played for fools by the banksters, with their multi-billion dollar bonuses, paid for courtesy of the U.S. government that bailed them out—and not a one of them going to jail for what they did.
Played for fools by the politicians, who promise hope and change, but deliver more of the same—because they are the same: Peons of the lobbyists, suck-ups to their corporate masters.
Played for fools by the corporations, who sell foods that are unhealthy, plastics that are unhealthy, communications gadgets which are unhealthy—then lie and say, “They’re harmless!”, even as they settle lawsuits whose conditions are that they do not admit to wrongdoing, or accept responsibility.
Played for fools by the security apparatus, growing like a cancer on the body politic, which periodically issues vague and pointless warnings—“Danger! Danger!—A terrorist-threat alert for all of Europe!”—a security apparatus which has become more threatening—even more dangerous—than the terrorism it is supposed to prevent.
Played for fools by the generals, who claim that this new strategy will bring about victory—a strategy which, after tens of thousands of more soldiers, and hundreds of billions of dollars for the military contractors, fails like all the other strategies.
Played for fools by the doctors and hospitals and insurance companies, who don’t so much heal Americans’ injuries and cure their diseases, but rather suck them dry like leeches of old—only they don’t drain them of blood, but of money.
Played for fools by their fellow citizens, as everyone seems hell-bent on trying to screw over his neighbor, whatever the costs, whatever the consequences.
The mantra of the last decade in America has been buy!-buy!-buy your way to happiness!—as if mere things could fill a life with joy and purpose. No wonder something like half the population of the United States is morbidly obese, while the other half smokes as much ganja as they can get their hands on: They eat and get stoned so as to numb the mind, dull the pain—get some rest.
The people of the United States are exhausted. Fatigued. Burned out. No más, no más, as Roberto Durán said: No more. No more.
The trapped Chilean miners—as historical events go—was trivial: It’s nowhere near as important as, say, the upcoming QE2, or the Currency War, or the looming crash in America’s debt.
But for the little bit of time that America’s attention was so single-mindedly focussed on the trapped Chilean miners, the American people could pretend that they were saving the miners.
For a little while, they could pretend that America’s leadership was responsible and serious in the face of a crisis—not incompetent and ridiculous, as they proved to be after Katrina, and during the BP Oil Spill disaster.
They could pretend that America’s engineers and workers solved this difficult problem—with no excuses, no second guesses, no failed plans.
They could pretend that America was basking in the warm comforting glow of confident success.
As they were digging out the trapped miners, a Chilean mining engineer said at one point, “We’re prepared: We’ve got three rescue plans going on at the same time—and each of those efforts has a back-up. And each of those back-ups has a back-up! So one way or another, we’re going to pull our fellow countrymen out of there alive.”
That’s what America needs—that’s what America yearns for: Someone to pull them out of their hole, something that will bring them back up to the surface—alive and beaming with joy, a clenched fist triumphantly punching the black night sky.

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by Rusty Shorts
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:13

 – words by van halen.


Yeah, I been in debt from conception
I pay for the rest of your life
As long as I remember, bills have looked me in the eye

You can have it now but ya gotta pay for it later. Oh!
Work me out, the payment’s cleared
Now you’re workin’ for the man. Yeah

They gotcha goin’ in. They gotcha comin’ out
Same amount, woo! In ‘n out

Ain’t no way ’round the system
Money make this world go round
All the way, they got you down

Stay and add it up or throw yourself out a window. Oh!
Might cost you less to stick around
One more payment. Lay it down, on the ground


Login or register to post comments by tmosley
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:15

I seem to recall that there were, in fact, at least some American engineers working on that project.  That is, unless the mining companies hired some gringos to talk to the American cameras.

That said, I don’t think there is an engineer alive that could design a system to pull America out of its hole as it is.

Login or register to post comments by bookwurm
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:45

Jeff Hart was working in Southern Afghanistan under the LOGCAP IV contract for DI subcontractor Layne Christenson Co. and was drilling water wells when disaster struck a mine in Chile and 33 workers were trapped.…

Login or register to post comments by Midas
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:16



Most of what you write is bullshit.  I sure as hell wasn’t glued to my TV set.  I am not taking any credit for rescuing the miners nor have I heard of any of my fellow americans doing this.  Could you provide a specific example?  Since you mention you are in Santiago I wonder how you know what so many americans are thinking.  Have you been glued to your TV set?


I could go on, but what would be the point?

Login or register to post comments by Quinvarius
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:21

And yet here you are.  One of the first commenters on a story about the trapped miners.  You just can’t get enough of it.  Admit it.

Login or register to post comments by zaknick
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:29

Commentators commenting on comment.  HUH?


I just came to junk this guy. Way too much opinion and self-importance and not enough substance.


Where’s the beef!!??

Login or register to post comments by Midas
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 01:19

You think I came to Zero Hedge to get more info on the miners?

Login or register to post comments by zaknick
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:24

Oh man, this is too funny. I agree, the whole 24 hour worldwide “news coverage” of the poor miners was nothing but a great propaganda coup and here this guy is posting on ZH no less!! 




If I wanted Matrix brand kool-aid I would be watching the idiot box.

Login or register to post comments by zaknick
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:21

…collective afterglow in Chile: Everyone feels happy. Everyone feels confident. Everyone feels as if any and every problem—no matter how big—can be taken in hand, and solved successfully.


While Pinochet’s heir goes to that shitty little island (England) to plot against his neighbor and Latin America sovereignty in general. The well known in America brainwashing, the MSM treatment, is on full blast in that sick little twisted country.


what a douche

Login or register to post comments by UGrev
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:23

Glued to our TV sets? really? REALLY? brother.. I merely caught the news in passing and then it was repeatedly shoved down our throats. If anything, they glued it to us. Yeah, I said a prayer and hoped they’d make it out.. but I didn’t dwell on it and I most certainly didn’t go bat-shit-F5-crazy on it. I was more concerned with the political shenanigans and financial theivery. I think you’re way off on this one. Only the sheeple were consumed by this distraction.

Login or register to post comments by zaknick
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:26



Login or register to post comments by UGrev
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:32

Let me tell you.. waking up to my wife watching msnbc and Matt “pussy fuck shit” Lauer “ooh ahhing” about the miners was not my idea of “Folgers in my cup”. That guy needs to have a pair of balls re-attached to his scrote.

Login or register to post comments by zaknick
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:38

Dude, I’m actually kicking and screaming laughter hysterically on the floor right now! Well, not really but damned close!

The comments here are shaping up to be the worst panning of somebody’s public stupidity that I have joyously witnessed in a long time! Hey, that should be some consolation to you, no?



Login or register to post comments by UGrev
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:45

That makes one person I’ve had to pleasure to entertain today. Though, if you didn’t snort your drink through your nose, then I think I didn’t try hard enough. Have you noticed that Al Roker looks like a giant fucking head on someone elses body… it’s like it’s not even his body. Just a head that kind of wobbles around and smiles as he and the first Ronald McDonald have “funny ha ha’s” for a few seconds.

I’m glad Katie Cuntik got mauled by her own kind. I couldn’t stand that condescending bitch. I woke up to that lesbian snatch licker and chucked a pillow at the TV just as my wife walked by and I beaned her in the melon instead.  That was also a bad folgers morning… hmph..

Login or register to post comments by Oh regional Indian
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:31

In Cali, where I spent a good amount of (more than half) my time in the US of A, I was always drawn to Latino immigrants. Their lives were so edgy, most of them illegal, never seeing their families etc.

One common phrase, which I learnt early and used often and which always got a roar from them was…

Mucho Trabajo, Poco Dinero! Too much work, too little money.

And it was true, which is what made it painfully funny at the time.

I think Americans better get used to saying that to themselves and their soon to be fellow-citizens (oh yes, amnesty is very much part of the plan, check out the power of the national council of La Raza, people are coming home….)


Login or register to post comments by lynnybee
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:34

I read the whole thing & I really liked it !!   How true, how true, how sad, too.   All I know is that I never remember things being like this years ago .    Am I the only one who remembers a time when WASHINGTON D.C. just wasn’t a factor in our lives .    Does anyone other than me remember a time when JOHN WAYNE was the normal American man & the normal American woman wanted to marry her own JOHN WAYNE !!!    Something is wrong in this country, you can feel it …… We’re being manipulated, lied to, scammed, herded;  it’s as if we exist for one purpose only  ~~ to enrich Wall St. & Washington.     There’s nothing left for them to take anymore !    Even the damn self-respect has been taken from us …….. or did we just let it all go without a fight.

Login or register to post comments by UGrev
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:40

A lot of morally corrupt people out there didn’t want to work for it so they decided to lie, cheat and steal their way to the top and steam roll good, hard-working, “john wayne’s”. It got to the point where people saw it happening and nothing was done about it so they just joined the morally corrupt. It was the only way to “get rich” and not get steam rolled in the process.

Login or register to post comments by zaknick
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:45

Listen to these words by the great JFK and you’ll understand how they subverted the American spirit:



I agree with you, it is sad to see a great people reduced to the pettiness and meanness of evil instead of virtuos environment of opportunity and prosperity for all (which is possible!).




Login or register to post comments by ViewfromUnderth…
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 01:09

The tone IS set by the leadership…they whacked him and you can draw a line from LBJ, Vietnam, Pentagon Papers…to today.

Ike was right…and it was the MICC.

Login or register to post comments by Pondmaster
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:53

It was nice to see the miners rescued . Their futures so bright they had to wear shades . Many will never enter a mine again . That never again attitude will spur Americans to depose the current olgiarchy . We are a patient people politcally, but don’t push too far . The envelope has no more room . Things are not bad enough … yet.

Login or register to post comments by UGrev
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:58

It always nice when people survive a situation like that, but for fucks sake.. I think there are enough people in Chile’ to stand vigil for them. Seriously, after the first news article I started to verp.. I really didn’t give a shit anymore. We have our own problems to deal with. 

“Hey God, there’s a bunch of dudes trapped in a mine. How about you stop fucking with them and get them out. Thanks.., oh.. and while you’re at it drop a Piano on Pelosi”. Now get back to the news about the financial terrorism and the other crap that causes a daily vaseline drip from my bung hole.

Login or register to post comments by The Rock
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 07:08

Speaking of John Wayne, didn’t the Duke get nuked?  Just like the rest of us in the USI, the Duke got fucked by our “system.”  He and 45 others on the set of a movie filmed downwind from all the radioactive A-bomb testing in Nevada died of cancer!

Of the 220 persons who worked on “The Conqueror” on location in Utah in 1955, 91 had contracted cancer as of the early 1980s and 46 died of it, including stars John Wayne, Susan Hayward and Agnes Moorehead, and director Dick Powell.


Login or register to post comments by tony bonn
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:42

god bless you god bless you god bless you – this delightful article was a breeze of fresh air after being holed up in a mine with the corpses of the plutocratic oligarchy and their fetid lies….

the constant state of trumped up emergency is the basis for enstating the the police state….some of you all need to go to trutv and watch jesse ventura’s conspiracy theory….

americans are played the fool because they are fools who have been brainwashed by their leaders, dumbed down to nincompoops while being told that they are the best and the brightest….in a sense, despite enormous accomplishment americans are loosers who have sacrificed their heritage to a vicious cabal of murderers (read rockefellers, luces, bundys, harrimans, dulles, bushes et al ad nauseum who have created the 4th reich in amerika)

i was apprehended by a nazi cop today because i was walking around a parking lot waiting for a food order. the asshole demanded to see my identification and i told the asswipe to arrest me if he wanted to see it….the asshole flew into a rage and called 3 backup police cars to assist…however,  i went about my business and left…

i am sure that i haven’t seen the end of it. i fully expect to be murdered by these brown shirt nazi police skin heads but i will not roll over for big brother and his trumped concerns about my welfare….go fuck yourself police bitch.

in the mean time, americans must wake from the strong delusion or else go the way of germany not only in hyperinflation but into unbridled nazism….it is not coming – it is already here.

Login or register to post comments by UGrev
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 00:51

I’m stroking my .308.. no really.. I just got finished cleaning it. Sorry, but I’m sick of the American Bashing. So kindly insert your thumb in your ass and let me know if your shit doesn’t stink. I think it does. Americans are NOT their government.

Login or register to post comments by VegasBob
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 03:19

…in the mean time, americans must wake from the strong delusion or else go the way of germany not only in hyperinflation but into unbridled nazism….it is not coming – it is already here.

And if you think it’s bad now, just wait till the Tea Party is running CONgress next year.  As awful as Harry Reid is, his likely replacement, Sharron Angle, is undoubtedly the dumbest cunt I have ever see making a run for public office.

Login or register to post comments by cossack55
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:49

Then she will be in excellant company.  Rather than stand out she will blend in perfectly.

Login or register to post comments by i-dog
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 04:13

“what America yearns for: Someone to pull them out of their hole”

Indeed. Yet, once upon a time, before the 20th Century, they would have pulled themselves out of their own hole. No more.

PS. Looking forward to your upcoming guest spot with Max Keiser, Gonzalo. It should be interesting!

Login or register to post comments by Oracle of Kypseli
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 01:33

Gonzo, Felicitaciones

I am afraid that it may be too late for just one person to save America. The stronghold of the calamari cartel and their bitches in congress is so tight that it may take decades to clean-up.

What I wrote in another post earlier is that the only hope for a quick restoration is a military coup. (Which will be unthinkable a few years ago.)

Login or register to post comments by cossack55
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:38

Whose military, or maybe, which military?

Login or register to post comments by JLee2027
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 02:14

America exhausted?  Garbage. 

We need leadership, not a self-centered messiah.

Login or register to post comments by cossack55
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:42

The only exhausted people I run into are those who watch the idiot box.  I find that anyone who interacts with the internet (no POS facebook crap) but ZH as an example is energized and looking for the oppertunities that will exist soon.  However, my electric bill does tend to wear me out.

Login or register to post comments by Dismal Scientist
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 03:11

Not one of your better pieces, GL. The target is simply too soft and easy to hit.

Login or register to post comments by Happyjackal
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 04:30

Good article GL. You’ll get some flak but your points are good ones. It was interesting (but so sad) to see USA berate the Indonesians et al after their tsunami … and to offer to send in US troops (an offer thankfully declined), and then for USA to fail so miserably at sorting out their own mess in their backyard when Katrina struck. At the time I mused whether Indonesia should have returned the favour and offered to help out and sent some of their troops to Louisiana! Tragic. A sure sign of the end of the empire.

Login or register to post comments by Escapeclaws
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:14

Our leaders and congress reflect us as a people. I voted for Obama just because I thought McCain Palin would have been a right wing nightmare, even worse than the last Bush dynasty representative. What a mistake. I should have voted for Nader. But you know, they trundle out these empty suits and say “Here are your two choices. Pick one of them.” So we dutifully obey. But who could imagine that Obama would turn his back on everything he promised? The guy has to be psycho to be that underhanded. He didn’t even make the most limp-wristed attempt to defend his campaign proposals. I think it is the being constantly lied to and played for fools that is causing such national despair and turning everyone against their neighbor, in the broadest sense of the word neighbor. Look at the BP mess. Once again, Obama talks and does nothing, while BP literally sweeps all the oil under the rug, the rug being the Gulf of Mexico. Lies, lies, lies, everywhere you turn. We have become a country of the lie. Why don’t we give the country back to the Indians? We lied to them as well. Maybe we should make amends as part of the healing process.

Login or register to post comments by bigkahuna
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 07:10

3rd parties are the way to go. There is nothing but evil remaining in the demacriminals and republicons. 

Login or register to post comments by Snidley Whipsnae
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:09

Excellent article GL, but your comment regarding the purpose of the police in America; ie, “This constant state of panic has led Americans to create a police-state, where the police is there not to serve the citizenry, but to keep them in line.” misses the mark by several hundred years.

The police state in America is, and always was, to protect TPTB from the great unwashed masses.

If you read ‘A People’s History Of The United States’ (still the all time largest selling history text of the US by a very wide margin) by the late Howard Zinn, you will find that the first police, or sheriffs, were hired by the holders of vast tracts of land in the Hudson Valley. When the peasant American farmers balked at ever rising land rents and refused to pay, the land owners organized a posse of rich land owners (themselves) to go forth and collect the back rents. The tenant farmers shot a few of the land owners and forced them into retreat. The the land owners realized that they needed a layer of sheriffs and associated bureaucrats to enforce the collection of land rents, after all, why should the wealthy land owners get shot collecting their rents when they could hire the task out to a bureauracy, and the taxes to pay the bureaucrats would be paid, in the main, by the farmers?

Voila! the first bureauracy was formed! And, from that humble beginning we now have the entire complex of federal, state, and local bureaucracys that have rendered our nation FUBAR!

For what it’s worth I do sense a despondency among my aquaintences and others, like myself, that operate small businesses. I look forward to the day when government at all levels will be reduced to many fewer employees that sit on their azzes and dream up new bs rules that hinder the small main street business man working 60 or more hours per week to earn half of what a brainless bureaucrat earns by playing on the computer in his/her cubicle while ‘at work’. This crap needs to stop! Now!


Login or register to post comments by Snidley Whipsnae
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:20

As an addition to my post above I would like to post what Howard Zinn said about his book ‘A Peoples History Of The United States’ when  interviewed by the NT Times:

“My history… describes the inspiring struggle of those who have fought slavery and racism (Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bob Moses), of the labor organizers who have led strikes for the rights of working people (Big Bill Haywood, Mother Jones, César Chávez), of the socialists and others who have protested war and militarism (Eugene V. Debs, Helen Keller, the Rev. Daniel Berrigan, Cindy Sheehan). My hero is not Theodore Roosevelt, who loved war and congratulated a general after a massacre of Filipino villagers at the turn of the century, but Mark Twain[1] who denounced the massacre and satirized[2][3] imperialism.

I want young people to understand that ours is a beautiful country, but it has been taken over by men who have no respect for human rights or constitutional liberties. Our people are basically decent and caring, and our highest ideals are expressed in the Declaration of Independence, which says that all of us have an equal right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The history of our country, I point out in my book, is a striving, against corporate robber barons and war makers, to make those ideals a reality — and all of us, of whatever age, can find immense satisfaction in becoming part of that”’s_History_of_the_United_States

Login or register to post comments by cossack55
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:46

I would recommend a little Ambrose Bierce along with your Twain.

Login or register to post comments by Wyndtunnel
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:40

I have to agree that it is hard to tell if America was glued to its t.v. set or if the MSM was simply pushing the story ad nauseum. The “All Chilean Miners Rescue All of the Time” on all the US networks -cable and basic, local and national – and ditto for Candian networks…not to mention the printed press and radio, really pissed me off. People who work in media were glued to this event! Journalists and their ilk are playing such a huge role in keeping the veil drawn over the crisis. It would seem that bad news and corruption and scandals don’t sell as well as they used to.. Or at least not scandals that are so huge that they “threaten” the current (anti)-social order.

I agree with GL that it is unbelievable how much coverage this story got in America while a tsunami of corruption is washing away its very foundations..
Journalists and their bosses are terrified of losing everything because the truths that they must be more than aware of are likely to trigger an Existential Crisis on a scale so damaging to corporate America that many of them would lose their jobs.Too bad that dose of hopium was cut 90% with the shit that is the collapsing World economic order which means the buzz won’t last very long.

No doubt a lot of people, all over the World, were eating it up, revelling in this victory of an emerging economy, this story of the invincibilty of the human spirit, as their submerging economies continue in their irrevocable descent.

So while it may be unfair to claim that America was glued to the set, it’s not like there was anything else to watch on the news.

Login or register to post comments by cossack55
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:48

“glued to the set……… on the news”.  What is news.

Login or register to post comments by idle muesli
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 05:50

The glow that comes after an undisputed success.


Sending miners down to work in a mine that should never have been open, and then having hundreds of millions of people waste their time wondering if they’ll make it out is hardly an “undisputed success.”

Login or register to post comments by papaswamp
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 07:02

Hate to break it to them it was American engineers and American equipment that drilled the rescue shaft.…

Now the comments about the press…totally true as well as the feeling in America. This seems more due to the acceptance that the political class offers no solutions due to lack of fortitude and corruption is rampant. It is depressing when you know the same asswipes that got us into this mess will still be in charge. The 2 party political system and unlimited terms for congress is what makes the people depressed. Once the nation gets really pissed changes will be made…but that won’t occur until the mezmerizer (TV with it’s mindless programs) stops working and people snap out of their trance.

Login or register to post comments by mrhonkytonk1948
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 06:52

I have always had this feeling that upon election, every first-time Federal officeholder is taken, like Galileo, and shown the “torture chamber” which awaits him if he doesn’t comply with certain requests now that he is elected.   Sort of like that old Bradbury story about the “Museum of Suppressed Inventions”.  Or “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”.   Or better yet, the Stonecutters on the Simpsons.  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.


Login or register to post comments by tom
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 06:59

Probably better stick to writing about how Chileans think, as you seem to understand Americans about as well as I understand Chileans.

Americans don’t live in fear, but neither is fear of terrorism the least bit irrational. Our armies and weapon systems are spread across the Islamic world from the Sinai to Afghanistan, and 99.9% of the billion or so people living there want us and the Israelis out, and no small number are fanatical about it. 9/11 surely won’t be the last time some of them attempt a grandiose terror attack on American soil.

Login or register to post comments by Reishi-self
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 07:11

Quote “It’s that Americans feel as if their country is a failure—they just want to share in a little bit of that wonderful feeling.” unquote. My reply: 1) That feeling is OK to share.

2) America is not a failure. The parasites are killing the host corporation, UNITED STTES, INC. (YES IT IS A CORPORATION – DESPITE ALL THEIR DENIALS.

Has it occurred to anyone in Wall Street DC that patterns of coordinated criminal activity involving securities fraud, mortgage fraud, perjury, forgery and a litany of other illegality coupled with the use of the mails and interstate commerce just might constitute the basis of a RICO action? By: edward thomas: Executor – Expressly Reserving All Liberties. A Man and A Living Spirit. Not a person, human-being, corporation or other type of abomination! a Private Dweller! Who is Not For Public Use! Foreign to the UNITED STATES, INC., as an Independent international location upon United States Minor, Outlying Islands and non-domestic to the District of Columbia.

Login or register to post comments by Reishi-self
on Sun, 10/24/2010 – 07:13

Max KEISER is right. Take down Coca Cola and you can take down the whole thing.


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