The Theory of Currency Relativity (A Continuing Expose’ of Timmy’s Lies)

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As a follow up to my latest article in which I exposedWestern Central Bankers for blaming foreign entities for domestically producedeconomic problems, I mentioned a theory of currency relativity. Yes, I do knowthat I published my original article with a typo in which I stated that USTreasury Secretary accused the Chinese government of fostering a strong yuaninstead of a weak yuan. Yes, I deserved the criticism I received for what Iadmit to be a completely amateurish mistake when I accidentally switched theword “strong” and “weak” throughout my article.


However, I often write such articles at the very end of longdays very late at night when I have a quick spare moment and admittedly don’tedit my articles as much as I should before printing them online.  That was a big mistake but an innocentone, and yes, I’m human too, so I do make mistakes occasionally like everyoneelse. However, I quickly corrected the mistake on my blog (I also have sincecorrected that mistake on sites where I can edit my articles although thatmistake still persists on sites that printed the original article and have notamended the article to reflect the corrections). Still, many Westerners don’twant to consider the fact that the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserveare responsible for the economic woes in the UK and the US and used my mistake toillogically use that one stupid glaring error on my part to side with TimGeithner and blame a “yellow peril” for their own economic struggles. The basisof my argument in that article really was not compromised and remained intact,despite the silliness of that particular oversight.


So I return to explain my theory of currency relativity thatsufficiently exposes, as frauds and charlatans, Geithner and other Westernbankers that have created, as a diversionary tactic to bury the truth, anartificially divisive East-West hostilities among the serfs that inhabit theirkingdoms. Below are five currency charts that chart the Chinese yuan, the USdollar, the Japanese yen, the British pound and the Euro against one of theonly two real currencies we have today (gold, the other being silver).


Fiat currencies versus gold, 3 years


The below percentages are the percents each currency hasdropped against gold from their respective October 2008 highs.


The US dollar                       52.70%

The Pound                           48.53%

The Yuan                             45.75%

The Euro                             44.75%

The Yen                              39.84%


As you can see, the rigged Yuan has actually kept itsstrength against gold better than the rigged US dollar and the rigged BritishPound during this same time period. As I stated in my earlier article, ofcourse the Chinese central bank is rigging the yuan, but such an accusation isan oxymoron to begin with, because all Central Bankers in all countries takedeliberate steps to rig the strength/weakness of their currencies.  The Euro was hardly stronger than theyuan during the last two years, so why not blame the entire European Union forAmerica’s economic woes, instead of just the Chinese, Mr. Geithner? Or why notblame England for America’s woes because the Bank of England let the poundsterling slide more than the yuan? Despite Mr. Geithner’s attempts to convincethe world that the Chinese yuan is insufferably weak compared to the otherworld’s major currencies, the above charts expose that, well, a fiat currencyis a fiat currency is a fiat currency is a fiat currency is a fiat currency.


Jointhe more than 7,373 people that have already watched this gold versus fiatcurrencies video in just the last six days to understand why gold and silverwill continue to rise against ALL fiat currencies in coming years. Are we saying that gold & silver will continue rising without a pullback or correction? Of course not. All probabilities are that there will be a correction between now and the end of November/beginning of December before the gold/silver bull resumes higher and possibly a decent-sized correction. But the long-term gold/silver bull is still definitely intact.


Since the US dollar clearly has been the weakest currencyagainst gold, losing an astonishing 52.70% against gold in LESS THAN TWO YEARS,perhaps it’s time you started looking in the mirror, Mr. Geithner, instead of creatingimaginary scapegoats for the problems you clearly helped create.


About the author: JS Kim is the Chief Investment Strategistfor SmartKnowledgeU, an independent investment research and consulting firmdedicated to unearthing investment industry fraud and keeping the retailinvestor on point. His monthly newsletter, the Crisis Investment Opportunitiesnewsletter, has returned more than 137% since inception in June 2007 toSeptember 2010.



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