“The Genzyme-id” personal expenses …

Many companies are willing mergers A jump, but it is certainly not the case of Genzyme Corporation (convergence), his best thwart sanofi-aventis SA (SNY) $ 18.5 billion hostile supported proposal-despite the bucket of cash 7 received Genzyme frames in October process e.on Genzyme has published a press release announced that the Board of directors unanimously to reject $ 69 per share offer and recommended, Genzyme shareholder on your stocks hang and not Sanofi treat. With these parts in the ground reported the Wall Street Journal (8 October), Genzyme is considering a number of options, including searching for “White Knight” memory would be on the same day that he publicly offers from Sanofi, Genzyme Schedule 14 D-9 submitted rejected and it shows some interesting details of the indeed. Perhaps the most fascinating in the table shows how managers and administrators of Genzyme, if the proposed merger. It shows that the President and CEO of the Genzyme Henri Termeer representing million $ in cash. (It’s more VHUYLFH $ million for the pads, more than 5.56 million for his RSUS and 65,7 million for his stock options composed), but the wait is over! When one considers that the Termeer would actually be more than 18 million, if it was, after a change of control (“CIC”) can discover how 138.3 million $ in cash to deal with. And although the figures for the other players are far from as awesome as always impressive and Termeer, on pages 10 and 11 of proposals are available.  Of course, all numbers for annex based on the assumption that september 2010 fusion 30 occurred, which of course submissions generally shareholders not. Merger as different as the sole shareholder of their, and certainly not officers and administrators of the company to get as much of a merger as Henri Termeer interests. Frankly, bet us that many executives in his post money taken by searching for a way to simplify and that company agreement in the interests of the shareholders and the Company .there much more in the application was, of course, including some nice background (PP. 17-29), details the investors want to read, can go. In the meantime, we will follow what Termeer companies and their investors-at the end see actually with. Image source: smlp.co.uk

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