A beautiful part of the cake Solera Holdings …

Car insurance may seem like a boring company and twice when you backend services or tasks, such as case management software implements. Less boring: enterprising money managers can by the apparent drudgery. Despite name sunny sounding Solera Holdings (SLH) services and commercial software in the auto insurance, and is the slim rewarded its leaders according to proxy that morning today presented the company. Contracted, top leaders (six of you thanks to a descent and certain voluntary part of disclosure of the Solera) $ 12.1 million, or a value of 64% of the revenues reported to the company for the last quarter of the fiscal year and half or more of the resources which they each quarter for more than two years. Granted reported that some unique issues so beautiful about $ 250,000, paid the Solera CEO John Giamatteo for rent in april after relocation expenses or $ Abilio Gonzalez 346,624 head HR “are selling home use aid was intended to cover” (which was $ 85,967 liability for benefit Gonzalez tax). Other smaller benefits, as well as the State: allocation of $ 11,850 CEO Tony Aquila memberships and $ 18,000 country club car, for example. And it is the first time in a while we saw a people of the unused payment CEO floating holiday thanks to the (talented $ for L’Aquila) have business trend, would the Commission) are bad service does. Moved to the bar and by $ 243,134 ranging from $ 322,634-most, we make a tidy sum for part-time work seen even if Council Solera a bit busier than some is not. (Full Board Audit Committee 10 times and the Board of Directors and Governance Committee met eight, nine times.) The Compensation Committee was by all the busiest: 15 sessions.)All that said, Solera shareholders can also be too bad these days with the actions up to 33% for 12 months, beat S and p 500 practical and benefits for the most part on the upswing. Having regard to the percentage of the gate, the management to take home, we hope, it’s still as way. Image source: WxMom via Flickr

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